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Dałaa Ba'Cho (One Wolf)

About Mark OneWolf

One Wolf is an award winning and highly respected photographer based out of Greenwich, Connecticut and also has a satellite office located in the greater Washington, DC area. Mark travels up and down much of the east coast capturing the beauty of nature and special moments suspended in time for his clients.

Mark OneWOlf is a dynamic man that would describe himself as a logical minded person with an artistic flare. He began with a career in Engineering and Electronics, but soon found that he had a sincere passion for music, art, and photography. He has both a technical and logical mind, but was also blessed with a very gifted artistic side.

“I love music for its absoluteness and rhythmic predictability while remaining free. I approach photography in much the same way. Photography is generally my release for my artistic side. It can be very relaxing as I draw inspiration from both nature and music. I find photography to be logical, but free enough to express my inner desire to challenge the norm and think outside the box,” says Mark.

Mark began photographing at the tender age of 8 when he was gifted a Polaroid SX-70 one step instant camera. Soon the lure of his dad's Pentax 35mm SLR was too much and so began the life behind the lens. After serving in both the U.S. Army and Navy, in 2009, Mark began shooting freelance. March 2011 saw the birth of Dalaa Bacho Photography . Dalaa Bacho means One Wolf or Lone wolf in the N’de or Apache Language. Mark was given this name by his mother due to his independent nature and willingness to venture out on his own while remain gin firmly grounded in family (Pack), and true to his own character, he has done it once again. Mark, Dalaa Bacho, has ventured out on his own into a world of limitless possibilities and endless beauty as he has boldly taken on the study and art of photography.

You can see Mark's work online and in homes across the nation. If you would like to retain Mark for a photo shoot please contact him at dalaa.bacho@1wolfphotography.com

One Wolf's world

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